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EDNS DeDrive User Guide

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The idea of decentralization in storage has gained traction since it became apparent that centralized storage systems undermine essential yet vital values like full ownership and control of data.

EDNS has rolled out a hybrid storage solution- DeDrive, which leverages blockchain technology and employs a user-centric architecture. It is a layer 2 decentralized storage solution that connects to Web2 Cloud Object Storage and Web3 Decentralized Storage.


  • A single interface to multiple Web2 and Web3 storage providers

  • A powerful management console to manage data, set permissions, and more

  • Higher availability and usability

  • Better data exchange between Web2 and Web3

Let’s take a sneak peek into DeDrive. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use DeDrive.

Step 1

First, access the DeDrive platform at

Step 2

Register an account and Sign in.

Step 3

After signing in, you will then access your account dashboard with DeDrive features such as managing your data pods, secure and private spaces where you store your data on the server, and how to top up your account.

Your pods' dashboard. Each pod you create is a bucket that can hold dozens of folders with countless files.

Step 4

Click on the Create pod tab to customize your data pod. Note that you can choose to create a public or private pod.

Step 5

Once the pod is created you can double-click on it to start adding your files.

The view of your folders inside the pod.

Step 6

Access the Billing section on the account dashboard to view your balance and top it up

Step 7

If you need to top up your account, click the “Top Up” button, select the amount, and then check out.

Step 8

Lastly, submit your payment details and your DeDrive account will be credited with the amount set.

You only need to log into your account and continue enjoying the DeDrive storage services.

Having wrapped up the steps, we urge members also to find the DeDrive Youtube video guide in the link below.

DeDrive video guide:

Interestingly, we also intend to tokenize the DeDrive accounts of EDNS domain holders with funds giving them up to 30 Gigabytes of memory to enjoy DeDrive when it officially rolls out. However, as the storage solution is blockchain-underpinned, every action, like adding and downloading files attracts gas fees. Therefore, users will have to top up their DeDrive accounts when the balance credited by EDNS is depleted.

Do you want to be the first to test DeDrive for free? Join the DeDrive Trial campaign!

DeDrive Trial Campaign for Pre-launch

In the launch of our much-anticipated storage object DeDrive, EDNS is thrilled to offer a free trial of DeDrive to 100 lucky members of our community as pilot testers. Yes, you will get a chance to use DeDrive for free with 30 Gigabytes at your disposal, and strategically be in a position to win up to 100 USDT during the DeDerive feedback campaign that is to be held next.

To be eligible for the DeDrive trial campaign, you must be a registered EDNS user, a domain holder, and have your MetaMask wallet bound on the EDNS platform.

EDNS welcomes all to test DeDrive with the link below before Feb 10th, 2023, 100 fortunate members will be contacted via email on that day.

About EDNS

EDNS is a decentralized name service built on Polygon, which is a side-chain and scaling solution on top of Ethereum, allowing users to translate their machine byte-code to a human-readable name. It provides a Decentralized Domain Naming Service for Web3.0-related demands, including NFT, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Web hosting, DeFi ID, and GameFi ID in the Digital world. Moreover, to serve a wider range of users, EDNS will expand to support more blockchains, and ultimately become a multichain platform.

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