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Join the EDNS partner network. Together, we will grow and discover!

EDNS has been a major disruptive force in the Web3 frontier by providing decentralized domains for Web3-related demands in tandem with innovative Web3 tools. Our vision is to serve a wider range of users by expanding to support more blockchains in the Web 3.0 space. The Web 3.0 space is new and largely uncharted, so nothing is more important than having frameworks and support for different projects to work and grow together.

To give traction to this vision, the EDNS team is thrilled to roll out our Partner Network encompassing three programs -the Reseller Program, Solution Partner Program, and Distributor Program. The invitation is open to different blockchain projects to partner with us through our reseller, solution, and distributor program, and build a win-win Web 3.0 arena. Apart from these programs granting your project entry to the EDNS ecosystem and the Web 3.0 world, they will also provide you access to dozens of incentives and offers. Basically, the Partner Network allows EDNS and the affiliated projects to cushion each other to grow faster, bigger, and stronger.

For starters, the Reseller Program, which will be rolled out in November, opens a door for your project to generate passive income, incentives, airdrops, and access to premium domain privileges by supporting the EDNS community’s growth. To participate, you only need to register and share a domain-selling link with your community.

On the other hand, the Solution Partner Program focuses on tech-oriented and marketing collaboration that will strengthen your project’s ecosystem technologically and socially. The program enables projects to integrate our SDK and at the same time leverage the EDNS TLD (Top-Level Domain) Whitelabel.

In short, integrating the SDK will give your project access to state-of-the-art features such as security, data management integrity, seamless user experience, EDNS technical support, and a green light to leverage our global network for marketing purposes. The SDK blends with many different dApps like wallets and NFT platforms, to GameFi protocols and more.

In contrast, the Whitelabel solution is intended for projects seeking an easier path to get their products to the users. EDNS will have you covered with a branded domain name services platform, a customized or branded TLD, a go-to-market strategy advisory, and more. Essentially, you will not have to worry about the process of your product’s development, but rather simply enter the market with a branded and customized product.

The Distributor Program also adds a lot of weight to the EDNS partner network. If you are looking to generate max profits, earn lifelong commission rebates as passive income, get up to 90% discount on selected EDNS items, and more, this program is for you. We will entirely support you to build a powerful technical and marketing ecosystem for your project. The partner program is now open and time is of the essence. Learn more at to witness great breakthroughs for your project in the Web 3.0 universe.

EDNS is a name and lookup service built on the Polygon blockchain, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and it’s compatible with Ethereum allowing crypto users to translate their machine-readable addresses to human-readable addresses. It provides a Decentralized Domain Naming Service for Web3.0-related demands, including NFT, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Web hosting, Defi ID, and GameFi ID in the Digital world. Follow us for our latest updates and announcements: Website | Twitter | Linkedin | Telegram | Discord | Medium | Facebook | Youtube |



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