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Together, we grow and discover!

The EDNS partner network is open now! To grow faster, bigger and stronger together, we are rolling out different programs:

Reseller Program

You will be given incentives by referring friends to use our platform and this possibly can become a way of earning passive income.

Solution Partner Program

We can be your premier domain and Web 3.0 ID partner and make you the leader in your space.

Distributor Program

We will prepare you with the most important technical and marketing support you need to build your own EDNS kingdom.

EDNS Reseller Program

EDNS is a community-driven project.

To participate, you only need to register and share within your community. By supporting our growth, you will be prioritized at airdrop reward opportunities, as well as have early access to premium domains.


Passive income

Air drop


EDNS Solution Partner Program

SDK Integration

Unlike traditional domains in the Web 2.0 world, Web 3.0 domains can integrate DApps from various chains and could be more secure.  Furthermore, by linking wallets and other DApps, Web 3.0 domains can simplify platform operations and data management for projects by optimizing the user login step, which also greatly enhance the user experience.





NFT Marketplace


TLD Whitelabel

At EDNS, our success in product innovation is seen and trusted by the market. By joining our one-stop Whitelabel Solution, you do not need to think about the process of the product’s development but instead simply enter the market with a branded and customized product.


Training and tech support


Access to unlimited resources within EDNS


A branded domain name services platform

A customized or branded TLD

A branded backend data management system


Go-to-market strategy advisory


Please contact us at for more into.

EDNS Distributor Program

Why join EDNS as a Distributor?

Attractive offering of EDNS domains – BIG discounts (up to 90% off) on selected items

Flexibility to set price to generate max. profits

Lifelong commission rebate as passive income

Easy onboarding and flexible solutions to facilitate your sales

Being part of the world’s leading Web 3.0 ecosystem

Unlimited Web 3.0 resources and support from EDNS

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Join us to break into the Web 3.0 world and develop your business in the Metaverse!

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