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Joining the EDNS Ecosystem

EDNS Domains aims at being the pioneer of Web 3.0 disruption by supporting users with innovative Web 3.0 products. While we endeavor to serving a wider range of users, EDNS will expand to support more blockchains, and ultimately become a multichain platform. Thus, we cordially invite different blockchain projects to join the EDNS ecosystem and grow together during this Web 3.0 journey.  

To start with, our EDNS Solution Partners are encouraged to integrate the EDNS Software Development Kit (SDK) with your DApp products to create a seamless user experience.  


Benefits for Application:

Allowing developers to access information about their users without needing to host or maintain a CRM database.

Benefits for Users:

Owning full control of

data and identity.

Receiving email communications without sharing private email addresses.

Easier to authenticate users.

Only one login for every web3 app. No need to remember multiple unique usernames and passwords.

Building a website that’s truly owned by you.

Why integrate with EDNS SDK? 

Unlike traditional domains in the Web 2.0 world, decentralized domains can integrate DApps from various chains and could be more secure.  Furthermore, by linking wallets, decentralized domains can simplify platform operations and data management for projects by optimizing the user login step, which also greatly enhance the user experience. Accelerating blockchain projects’ entry into Web 3.0, our easy-to-integrate SDK can work well with different types of DApps, for example, wallets, NFT platforms, GameFi games and more.  

Getting early access to Web 3 & the Metaverse with our quick and easy integration

To learn more about how our SDK works, we have prepared a complete integration guide about “Domain Lookup” and “Map Web 2.0 Domains to EDNS” here

Increasing your brand strength with our global network

Growing together with the world’s leading Web 3 ecosystem

More profit generation possibilities

Unlimited Web 3.0 resources and support from EDNS

EDNS Soulution Partners

EDNS has a strong ecosystem built by global communities. To become our Solution Partners, click the “Integrate” button below, or contact us at if you have other inquiries.   

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