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Web Builder Campaign — Showcasing Your Creativity with DeDrive Web

Duration: 6/9–12/9

Count Time: 12/9 23:59 UTC

Hey, community, would you like to showcase your amazing design skills and win hefty rewards? We are thrilled to roll out an exciting WebBuilder Campaign to engage users with DeDrive Web, encouraging them to create and share their websites on Twitter using the hashtag #DeDrivewebbuilder. The rewarding campaign kicks off today 6th to 12th September 2023 and aims to highlight the versatility of DeDrive Web and award participants for their creativity and engagement.

Campaign Details:

  • Web Creation on DeDrive Web: Participants are required to create a website using the DeDrive Web platform during the campaign period. Find the DeDrive here:

  • Social Media Sharing: Once the website is completed, participants are expected to post their websites on Twitter. They should use the hashtag #DeDrivewebbuilder and tag 3 friends in their tweets to ensure easy tracking and visibility

  • Reward Structure: The participants’ engagement will be gauged based on the highest number of reactions (likes + retweets) received on their tweets. Total reward pool: $1100

  • 1st Place: 500 USDT

  • 2nd Place: US$200 in EDNS Tokens

  • 3rd to 5th Places: US$100 in EDNS Tokens each

  • 6th to 15th Places: 300GB of Extra DeDrive Storage


Participants can only submit one entry each.

EDNS team reserves the right to disqualify any web page that contains offensive or inappropriate content.

The decision of the judges is final and cannot be disputed.

EDNS team reserves the right to modify the campaign details at any time.

About EDNS Domains

EDNS Domains is a decentralized name service that supports most established blockchain networks, offering multichain and crosschain functionalities. It enables users to translate machine byte-code into human-readable names that can seamlessly move across multiple blockchains. EDNS also aspires to be the future omnichain decentralized domain naming service for various Web3.0 demands, including NFTs, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Web hosting, DeFi IDs, and GameFi IDs in the digital world.

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