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The Official Launch of DeDrive

EDNS Domains is excited to announce that the official launch of DeDrive, the groundbreaking decentralized storage solution, will take place on July 10, 2023. This eagerly awaited launch marks a significant milestone in the world of data storage, as DeDrive aims to disrupt the industry and address the growing concerns surrounding data privacy and security. DeDrive has revolutionized the way data is stored.

DeDrive — The Disruptive Force in Web3 Storage

Developed by the EDNS Team, DeDrive represents a hybrid storage solution (with Web2 and Web3 storages) that leverages the power of blockchain technology and adopts a user-centric architecture. Serving as a Layer 2 decentralized storage solution, DeDrive supports other essential pillars of the EDNS ecosystem, namely Web3 communication and Web3 domains. Worth mentioning, during this official launch, EDNS WebBuilder, supported by DeDrive, will also be unveiled as a beta version to the public. EDNS WebBuilder, a Web3 tool designed for decentralized static web hosting and website building, will serve as an extended function within the DeDrive system, giving users a seamless Web2-like web building experience in Web3.

One Month Trial — Enjoying a 30GB Web3 Storage for Free

To commemorate this special occasion, EDNS Domains is offering a 1-month free trial to the public, allowing users to experience the benefits of DeDrive firsthand within a production environment. During this trial period, which will run from July 10 to August 9, users can explore the powerful features of DeDrive and evaluate its potential for their data storage needs.

As part of the free trial, EDNS Domains will provide approximately 30GB of free storage to every account created within the campaign period. This free trial can be used for one month from the date of account creation. It’s important to note that if no additional funds are deposited into DeDrive, the free trial will be returned to EDNS Domains after one month. In such cases, there is no guarantee that the data will remain reachable on the chain if the account runs out of money.

To participate in the free trial and be a part of the DeDrive launch, visit the DeDrive website at For any enquiries, please check

The launch of DeDrive on July 10, 2023, promises to usher in a new era of decentralized storage solutions that prioritize user privacy, security, and flexibility. EDNS Domains is confident that DeDrive will revolutionize the way data is stored and managed, providing users with an immutable, transparent, and secure storage solution.

Stay updated with the latest news and announcements from EDNS Domains. A major reward pool campaign about DeDrive is planned for next week. Stay tuned!

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