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Skills of the future! Staying relevant for Web 3.0

The rise of Web 3.0 brings a new demand for relevant skills and opportunities in the novel digital space. It is essential for businesses to recruit suitable tech talents to excel in the corporate world. One of the major features of working in Web 3.0 is the ability to work remotely — a characteristic deemed possible proven by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Here we will explain which brands and businesses use Web 3.0, future job opportunities, and the skills needed to excel in the Web 3.0 space.

Which brands and businesses are involved in blockchain?

Businesses are slowly integrating into Web 3.0 to compete with the rest of the world. Businesses realize that integration into the blockchain can significantly enhance cybersecurity protocols and streamline logistics. Some notable businesses that are currently involved in blockchain are Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, and Intel.

Walmart has teamed up with IBM to instill blockchain into the company’s food supply chains. Their technological decision helped Walmart revamp and unify its data management process and food traceability. IBM was able to track down the origins of pork from China and mangoes from Mexico — with the help of blockchain technology.

What kind of skillsets are needed for entry-level jobs in Web 3.0?

According to the SEO company, HigherVisibility, they uncovered that the most needed hard skill for Web 3.0 is developer skills — with Javascript and Marketing coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Web 3.0 is continuously developing and improving its platforms, employers are constantly scouting for new developer talent. Javascript includes the use of functional programming, writing code, and memory management while Marketing is a key component for companies to excel in the competitive market of blockchain technology.

Although hard skills are essential for entry-level jobs in Web 3.0, soft skills should not be taken for granted. HigherVisibility discovered that communication skills, working with teams, and being fast-paced are the top 3 soft skills that employers look for in entry-level candidates. Working closely with teams and keeping up with ever-changing technology trends will separate a mediocre and perfect fit from being successfully employed.

What kind of jobs will be forming in Web 3.0?

Now we know the skillsets needed for entry-level jobs in Web 3.0, what about the jobs that will be forming?

As discussed earlier, it is a non-given that developer roles will emerge in the Web 3.0 ecosystem such as the following: Blockchain dApp developer, solidity developer, or even UX/UI designers. These developers or designers are responsible for building web applications on top of the existing Blockchain infrastructure by setting up smart contracts and deploying them. Solidity developers are similar but they focus on the Ethereum platform — utilizing a programming language called Solidity.

One job position that stands out is being a Community Manager. They are responsible for managing the company’s relationships with its communities on platforms such as Discord and Telegram. Essentially, community managers keep the buzz alive and sustain ongoing trust with the company’s consumer base.

With the rise of cyber hacks and security threats, a Cybersecurity Expert is vital for any company that plans to enter the Web 3.0 space. People in this role would have to understand this is different from typical Web 2.0 jobs, and they need to upgrade their knowledge base in the world of blockchain technology.

Web 3.0 will not only change the world in terms of business and technology but will also bring more people to the world of Blockchain through employment and inspire people to indulge themselves in the world of Blockchain.


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