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ColdStack Partners With EDNS.Domains

Dear community members! We’re excited to announce our new partnership right now!

The trailblazer EDNS is making its entry into the space with a pivotal roadmap that focuses on Web3 domains, Web3 storage, and Web3 communication. It is set to roll out various products to support most DeFi, GameFi, and NFT Dapps, making it a one-stop solution for all your Web3 needs.

EDNS is a Web3 domain name service that brings users to step into a gateway of Web3 world. They help companies to transit their businesses from Web2 to Web3, enabling enhanced security, scalability, and decentralization.

ColdStack will provide EDNS with its decentralized data storage, ensuring uninterrupted operation and development fenced from data leaks and scalability issues.

Our collaboration is a step closer to the mass adoption of our innovative decentralized blockchain technologies and harnessing the potential of Web3. Together we aim to make the Web3 world more understandable, integrated and user-friendly for everyone.

We’re also up to hold different co-marketing activities to increase awareness of our cutting-edge technologies and attract new users. Joint growth will allow us to expand functionality, accelerate the pace of technology development and look for ways to become even more universal for all the scopes of application.

About EDNS

EDNS is a pioneering tech company at the forefront of L2 infrastructure development, dedicated to facilitating the seamless transition from Web2 to Web3 for businesses. With a visionary approach, EDNS specializes in creating innovative solutions for Web3 identity, storage and communication that bridge the gap between these two generations of the internet.

EDNS is instrumental in shaping the future of the online ecosystem, propelling businesses towards a more decentralized and interconnected digital landscape.

EDNS Domains is a decentralized name service that supports most established blockchain networks, offering multi-chain and cross-chain functionalities. It enables users to translate machine byte-code into human-readable names that can seamlessly move across multiple blockchains. EDNS Domains also aspires to be the future omnichain decentralized domain naming service for various Web3 demands, including NFTs, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Web hosting, DeFi IDs, and GameFi IDs in the digital world.

About ColdStack

ColdStack is the first-to-market Decentralized Cloud aggregator offering a single-entry point to any Decentralized Storage Network, optimizing the final costs for users with our proprietary AI-based pipeline.

Our AI selects the best storage option for your data that is available on the market, and allows you to save up to 80% on storage costs. S3-compatibility lets all the projects use any AWS library or SDK and start to use our System without significant integration efforts.

$CLS token allows users to interact with our platform without worrying about censorship or interference. $CLS is available to anyone in the world on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.



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