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2022 EDNS End-year Recap

It was a pleasure to conclude the year 2022 at EDNS with undisputable progress. The EDNS protocol was launched in April 2022 as a blockchain-based Web3 domain registrar that visioned to conquer the digital eco-space with innovative Web3 tools.

We are only 9 months in operation and can never be more proud! The EDNS ecosystem has exploded to encompass multiple decentralized top-notch features and a huge vibrant Web3 community. We have also inked collaborations with several technology industry leaders.

Throughout 2022, the EDNS dedicated team is thrilled to flashback on the milestones we have achieved. Generally, we held over 50 joint campaigns backed by other Web3 enthusiasts. As a result, our partners quadrupled, and our community had the opportunity to participate to acquire or increase their EDNS Web3 Top-level domain (TLD) holdings.

We appreciate everyone that capitalized on the giveaways. EDNS is excited to declare that the domains minted on Polygon skyrocketed past the 1.5 million mark! And we are now cloaking 2 million domains.

With our collection witnessing a drastic surge in EDNS items, our social accounts also bloomed with new users boosting the total EDNS members up to 280k across all channels. Thank you to everyone that joined us in 2022 and welcome to EDNS. In addition, our Web3 domain collections have also been listed on Element, Rarible, and Openmeta. There is much to look up to if you are part of this Web3 pioneer family.

Our protocol’s goal is to transform the internet and build the technology for the future. Within the short period, we have been live in 2022, we rolled out the first-ever decentralized messaging feature, a Web3 plugin tool to search your blockchain domain’s data, and an array of EDNS lucrative programs, like the partner network and the ambassador program. Please read more in our half-year recap here.

Recently, EDNS joined forces with giant Cloud computing companies to explore the possibilities in Web3. We will work hand-in-hand with Alibaba Cloud and Huawei Cloud to unleash the potential of developing cloud-based solutions built on Web3 blockchain technology, that will revolutionize the digital space.

What’s coming in 2023?

Having rounded up 2022 with great results, we look forward to expanding the EDNS ecosystem further with state-of-the-art Web3 tools. We will amalgamate our platform with new products giving birth to our protocols’ upgrade — EDNS 2.0. It will be cross-chain enabled to allow other Web3 projects to integrate with our protocol, as well as more features — decentralized web building and hosting, decentralized communication, and more to be put to sea in due course. Moreover, our domains will be listed on other NFT marketplaces.

In addition, the EDNS foundation also anticipates launching the native token $EDNS in 2023 accompanied by airdrops.

Our CEO, Joey Lam, wrapped up the 2022 year crossover by saying, “2022 has been an eventful year at EDNS, we have achieved so much and I am personally inspired by our community and the EDNS team that is always focused on delivering.” She added, “Web3 is giving rise to a new generation that will depend on Web3 technology around the clock in the future. EDNS Domains is building this technology to disrupt the future with decentralized technological tools, virtual identity technology, and its application. Build your future with EDNS. ”

About EDNS

EDNS is a name and lookup service built on the Polygon blockchain, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and it’s compatible with Ethereum allowing crypto users to translate their machine-readable addresses to human-readable addresses. It provides a Decentralized Domain Naming Service for Web3.0-related demands, including NFT, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Web hosting, DeFi ID, and GameFi ID in the Digital world.

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