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EDNS Official Launch

Apr 12, 2022

Today is the official launch for EDNS, Ether Domain Name Services. We have distributed our smart contracts on the polygon blockchain, as formally the official decentralized domain name services on Polygon.

Ether Domain Name Services, is a platform that stands as a gateway between Web2.0 users to enter Web3.0. Providing decentralized domains to members of the community that wish to use it for domain purposes, wallet addresses, business owners or independent investors that wish to enter the metaverse. Post-launch in our roadmap, our domains will have many integrated functionalities that support as a bridge between Dapp, Dweb, Web2.0 browsers, and SMS features as well.

Thank you everyone for being part of our EDNS journey. We are grateful for this amazing community who have supported us from the beginning and we shall continue to thrive forwards as the First Decentralized Domain Services on the Polygon blockchain. Today marks the day of fruitful beginnings and for bigger growth for all of us.

Previous airdrop winners and AMA will be able to receive their domains.

* EDNS reserves the right to make final decision

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