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Chair Finance x EDNS AMA

Apr 18, 2022

‼️ Winners List Available

First AMA post launch!


Updated on May 20, 2022

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Use Ctrl+F (on Windows PC, Chromebook, or Linux system), or Command+F (on a Mac) and search for your Wallet address on this page. If you can find your wallet address that means you won and can proceed to Step 2.

2. Go to the EDNS registration page.

3. Click Login and then Sign Up.

4. Sign Up using the same email as you previously submitted.

5. Go to My Account and add the MATIC wallet and billing address.

6. Search the domain you wish to redeem, and if it's available, then Add to Cart. The domain can be anything, your name, business, or a random word you like.

7. At the checkout, use the code "Free1Year", and you will get a discount of US$25. [Note:if you won 2 or more domains, you will need to create a separate purchase for each domain, and you can use the code 2 or more times, according to the amount of the domains you won]

8. Congratulations 🎉 You are now an owner of a Decentralized Domain!

Reminder: make sure you use the same email address and that you previously submitted otherwise the reward might be lost

Winners List:










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