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EDNS Community Campaign

3 Apr 2023

Winner List is updated!!

EDNS Proudly launches a community growth and engagement campaign.

Get ready to earn rewards with the EDNS Community Campaign! Our team is thrilled to unveil this exciting campaign aimed at growing our community, raising awareness of the EDNS project on social media, and rewarding active participants.

With a total reward pool of $1000 in EDNS tokens up for grabs, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

To participate, simply engage in various activities to earn points towards the reward pool. Activities include Discord participation, Twitter engagement, daily tweeting, and referrals. Discord users can earn points by reaching higher levels on our server, with level 4 receiving a whopping 150 points.

Meanwhile, Twitter users can gain points by liking, retweeting, and tagging friends in our campaign tweets. And don’t forget about our daily tweet challenge, where users can earn 50 points per day by sharing their opinions on EDNS using designated hashtags.

But that’s not all — we’re also offering an OGs Bonus to reward our original EDNS members. 5% of their previous XP in Crew3 will be carried over to the campaign, giving them an extra boost towards the reward pool.

More details and participate in:

Speaking of rewards, we’re also thrilled to announce that the (Reward Structure in $EDNS token):  

The $1000 reward pool in EDNS tokens will be distributed among the top 50 participants as follows:  

1st place: $200 

2nd-3rd place: $100 

4th-6th place: $50 

7th-10th place: $25 

11th-25th place: $15 

26th-50th place: $5

Rewards will be distributed within 10 days after the campaign ends, and a snapshot will be randomly taken within the distributing time.

In summary, the EDNS Community Campaign is a fun and engaging way to support our project while potentially earning rewards. We hope you’ll join us and help us grow our community and spread awareness of the EDNS project!


Update: 24th April, 2023

Snapshot taken at 24th April. Rewards will be distributed within 3 days.

Winner List:

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