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Ether Domain Name Services (EDNS) proudly announces the beta release of EDNS Message, a feature on top of EDNS Platform that integrates Mobile messages into Web 3.0 technology.  This feature is the first ever in the blockchain market to connect Web 3.0 with traditional telecom services as a way to protect the transaction security of digital assets.

As the first official global launch to integrate SMS functions between decentralized domains, communication amongst domains that does not require identification. This function is convenient in the new era where websites and open links are susceptible to attacks, as a resolution from mandatory private information input to just sharing wallet address, users can now communicate with their networks freely through their registered domain.

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How to send a message
with EDNS

1. Login to your account.

2. Go to My Domain.

3. Click Manage next to your domain.

4. Bound your phone number with your domain to receive messages sent to your EDNS domain. Press Set and follow the instructions.

5. Click Message on the panel on the left.

6. Type any phone number or another EDNS domain and Send your message.

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